An Almost Ditto

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So simple a kurta and yet neither Vidya nor Adhuna managed to wear it well. Of the two, we preferred Adhuna’s all-black/red lips, but those stiff material skinny pants are what made her look not work for us. You like either or neither.


Left: Vidya Balan at Midival Punditz Concert
Right: Adhuna Akhtar at Sabse Favorite Kaun Awards

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. i like that vidya at least attempted to add a dash of color, but the pink is much too garish! it she added color with accessories it would have so much better!

  2. Vidya, you need a stylist..ASAP. If you already have one, fire him/her..he/she apparently hates you. The goshh!!! really?? I’d love to dress her…just once lol. She comes off as a smart and sophisticated woman..she would look amazing/sexy in structured clothing. So much wasted potential..

  3. Adhuna looks much better… she brings her own ‘look’ in. Vidya-can I take you shoe shopping, please and why can’t you put on some make up… you look dead

  4. OMG You get one good Vidya look and she comes out with many OMG (bad!) Vidya look… She needs a good stylist, a good makeup man and yes a Dhobi too :) !!

  5. Both these women are absolutely gorgeous in real life. How I wish their fashion sense could be improved…There is a great career for anyone who wants to be a stylist in Bwood! So many people to help, so little taste around!

  6. Dull gold fitted churidar with gold chains and gold clutch OR
    Sabyasachi layered churidar with dull gold heels OR
    Any dull neon coloured churidar wouldve added spark.
    Better luck next time .

  7. Ughhhh what happnd to Vidya..i hate the unpressed suit..much too ruffled and those shoes…yuckk..and its good to do a toned down makeup but srsly shes a celeb..can atleast put a bit of makeup on..even ‘un-celebs’ like me dont like to step out without a basic touch up..come on Vidya when will u learn..too disappointing!!!

  8. Both are just tragic looks. Vidya is such a pretty girl and she can’t even make this black kurta work. The silver shoes are a crime against fashion…doesn’t the UN need to know about this? ;)
    On the other girl, all black is never a great idea unless it’s all the exact same shade of black. Also what is with these hideous cross-body bags everywhere? I see so many girls with these on, and I can’t understand why. They’re really the most fugly bags ever invented.


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