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At the launch of a beauty center, Adah was seen wearing a Topshop dress with ankle-strap sandals from Truffle. Can’t fault the pairing but it was hard to focus on the dress with that two-toned hair.

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Adah Sharma at An Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. please correct me if im wrong but what is Adah Sharma unto and how is she relevant to HHC?
    she has no real sense of style and in my opinion wouldn’t get a second look if one saw her out on the streets. for me, she unfortunately is a eye roll!

    • Here’s the logic on relevancy:
      She’s an Indian actress. This blog focuses mostly on covering fashion choices of Indian actresses. I think your comment is more deserving of an eye roll than Adah.

      • the sarcasm probably escaped you … the reason of questioning this out is simply because we all follow HHC not just to see who wears what, but also to perhaps take inspiration or check out the trends. just because she is an ‘actor’ (btw, thats the word you should be using) doesn’t necessarily mean she is relevant in terms of her fashion choices per say. the outfit is passable and its 2018 for god sake – that hair needs to go back to the 1999 hair salon it crawled out of!

    • So? There are many in showbiz who probably won’t get even a first look on the streets. They will be covered here because well this is how the blog runs – on celebrities.


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