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Adah donned a gold backless gown by Swapnil Shinde on day two of SIIMA with jewellery from Valliyan and a side-swept do. Even if I factor in the fact that camera-flashes made this look much gaudier than it might have been, I can’t dismiss the make-up here. The rep lips and the winged eye-liner just made it a bit worse.

The gown needed subtle makeup and a wooden box clutch to tone it down a bit.


Adah Sharma at SIIMA 2015 Day Two

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Is it me only who can see shades of foundation all over her back and arms?? Do people apply foundation on arms too? Please enlighten me!

  2. I loveeee it ! In fact I think she’s one of the best dressed very hot !

    Iv been seeing all her posts..y don’t you guys like her ?

  3. She looks way better than her last two appearances: toned-down makeup, and less stark eyebrows. I don’t find the outfit gaudy though, quite nice.

  4. Maybe it’s just me but i feel like the backless gowns are meant for taller women. Not that it looks bad on her but still, there is something lacking and that makeup is not my cup’a tea

    • I think the prob here is wearing a halter / closed neck.. Doesnt suit everyone, esplly people with a short neck. Bit I agree on the make up, so weird.

  5. this looks awfully ‘naked’ to me somehow. the scoop back is sitting too low on her back for visual ease. awkward. more toned down make-up would really help her.

  6. I think she’s gorgeous.checked out her other pics too and she looks great. Also in GENERAL why so much hate when someone experiments? Should fashion be ONLY safe and all about seen that before ?NOT talking about this look before the hate comments begin

  7. Why does she get only love or hate comments?lol all her posts .people love her or hate her.I’m on team love.she’s rocking the red carpet !despite the terrible flash in these pics.

    Yup Sonia kangana is victim to the flash iv noticed too.these photographers need a course in photography! If u can make someone as hot as kangana look bad


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