The ‘Not Quite’ Brigade

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Just when we thought Pria was doing so well, she had to go and give us this! And while Pria was a ‘Not Quite’, Nisha Jamwal was less ‘Not Quite’ and more ‘WTHey’ we think!

Gayatri Joshi went onto give yet another bland look! And finally, Achla’s dress cut her off weirdly and makes us wish she kept the blue Babita Malkani dress that she wore on the runway instead of sporting this blue one!


L To R: Pria Kataria Puri, Nisha Jamwal, Gayatri Joshi, Achla Sachdev

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Nisha’s dress looks so funny.
    But out of the 4 ladies displayed here, I think Gayatri looks the best. I won’t call it ‘bland’. She looks like a simple decent mother-of-two-toddlers out visiting her friends or shopping..very normal. and she looks really pretty. It’s actually refreshing to see the former model sporting this simple look.

  2. ^ i hope ur saying that sarcastically lol :) ..ghastly…all four… Atleast Gayatri’s not like omg what is she wearing. (that bag’s TACKY) but the other 3 are like…damn!

  3. nisha takes the cake -what is she wearing
    the rest not so bad ,pria is dressed casually, whats wrong in that ,it is relief to see celebs not always picture perfect -i think its cool and normal-looking like victoria beckham all the time is sooooooooo super fake .


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