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A better dress and a pair of booties and we might have digged the green tights on Achala but as is, we just can’t help but go WTHeyyyy!

Catch more pics of the event at ‘The Gallery’.


Achala Sachdev at Percept Bash


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  1. You don’t have to post this comment: What happened? I feel like something is missing these days with the posts. I personally liked it when you guys featured more well-known Indian celebs and not these random-ass pseudocelebrities. Just as an outsider and as an objective critique — this site is becoming a bit lackluster lately. I’d like to see more Aishwarya, Shilpa, Rani, etc…

    • NotASheep,
      We can only play with the cards we are dealt with! If those people don’t make a public appearance, we can’t post.

  2. RE: Payal and NotASheep’s post

    I do agree very much with NotASheep. Lately I have found that HHC is not the first website I visit after email and facebook in the morning. Blasphemous, and sad.

    But I can see where Payal is coming from too. Too bad cool people haven’t been making appearances lately. But why give not-so-cool people so much importance by featuring them regularly? If I may make a suggestion – how about if the person is a pseudo-celebrity, then let’s feature them if we like what they’ve got on. because if they’re dressed badly, then who cares? Just a suggestion. At the end of the day, its your blog, not mine :)

  3. I was looking at the backdrop, even if for no reason. Was I supposed to look at her? Thank you for smiling, ms. sachdev. Let me mosey over now.

  4. @NotASheep and PeachBellini…

    If anything, posts on pseudo-celebs ( who can afford a decent wardrobe but choose not to ) are also learning grounds for fashion mistakes! ;-) and may I add…the reason for a chuckle knowing very well that one would themselves NEVER step out looking like THAAAT! ;-)

  5. P&P: Understood, but in my very humble opinion — the blog needs something new, something fresh..as PeachBellini was saying, this was a site I checked as regularly as my email as well but not so much anymore.

    Our world is very celeb-oriented and the people featured here lately can be any ol’ person on the street to me as I don’t recognize them and have no inclination towards them…and the fact that they’re older women doesn’t help (sorry for being ageist). For example, I really don’t care what Farah Khan is wearing.

    Maybe you guys aren’t even noticing as the site traffic is the same, in which case, just ignore my suggestion/comment all you want. :)

    This is coming from a place of respect not malice.

    • NotASheep,
      We get where you are coming from but you have to understand that we get readers from all over the world and most importantly of different ages. While you may be interested in people that are younger and more famous, there are some who like to read about socialites and what they are wearing. We try to do a good mix of both but sometimes on a slow day you will see the balance being thrown off. :) Thanks for the feedback.

  6. P&P: Gotcha…I can only speak for myself, from my own perspective, no offense intended towards you guys or any fellow readers.

    • Kiwi,
      We would like to but are limited by the fact that Delhi events aren’t covered as much as Mumbai events are. Whenever we see something interesting, we try and include it.


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