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A tee first seen on Abhishek on the Elle India Nov edition was seen in a brown version on Luke Kenny at the ‘Terminator Salvation’ premiere. As much as we love Luke, we don’t think he does full justice to the tee; the brown doesn’t quite mesh with those khakis. A white version with the khakis or the brown with denims and we might have loved.

Catch more pics of the event The Gallery.


Left: Abhishek Bachchan in Elle India Nov 2008
Right: Luke Kenny at ‘Terminator Salvation’ Premiere

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Sorry, but AB’s “too cool for you” attitude is a huge turn off. Luke totally does it for me.Relaxed, laid back and casual.

  2. agree… Abishek does look better but what the hell is up with his expression/pose?! lol
    WHERE can i get myself an SRK version of this t-shirt??? :D

  3. While I do think that Abhishek sometimes has a too cool for you attitude.. in this case it’s more like a “this is my dad, what” attitude which is totally justified, and it looks like it’s done in a joking manner so I don’t mind it at all.

  4. awwww really? I think Abhi’s personality is what makes him likeable :D He’s not the best lookign guy in the world, but he’s cute.
    That shirt is sort of awesome, I want one.

  5. also, I disagree
    I like the brown with the khakis (I applaud him for not wearing jeans), I just think it sort of washes him out

  6. yea…sorry abhishek, that would have been cool if you were in junior high…. luke kenny is just effortlessly cool..infact the chinos/khakis work for me…luke rocks!

  7. Abhishek is not at all good looking but more than that it is his cocky attitude that makes me dislike him more. He is a big show-off.


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