Pink Is My Favorite Color

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And by ‘my’, I do mean Aamna, who has been spotted sporting different shades of pink to various events. A favorite color or wearing it for luck, whatever her reason may be, which look do you think she looks best in?


L: ‘Aloo Chaat’ Meet and Greet in Toronto
Center: ‘Aloo Chaat’ Press Meet
Right: ‘Aloo Chaat’ Premiere


‘Aloo Chaat’ Press Meet In Ahmedabad

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  1. None, really. She’s pretty, but has a very outdated Barbie Doll style. Keyword: Outdated. And I’m NOT saying this because she loves pink; its her hair, posture, accessories, everything is just really…. eh.

  2. yeah agree with “deewani” want the checkered jacket on the poll too….and pretty as aamna maybe shes still stuck with the desi soaps look….very dated

  3. PnP at it again…colour co=rdination that is….lol the results are in pink…

    she’s in her kahin to hoga days, still! and the hairstyle with that gown, am i just imagining things, or has she got a set of curls halo-ing her head?

  4. i love her in the gown.. i think she is lovely.. will need some time to adapt to the style in the current circuit.. i guess its just a matter of time when her films start working

  5. deewani/saba,
    I didn’t include it because we don’t have a full pic to see how she wore it.

    Her name is not ‘Aloo’! The movie she is in is called ‘Aloo Chaat’! LOL! Hint: If it is between quotes, it most likely is a movie name and not a person’s name! ;)

  6. I quite like her pink top with the skirt but the skirt itself is weird & runing the lovely top. I love the chequered pink jacket. Wish we could see the full picture.

  7. like her in the first picture..she looks fresh and that shade of pink is more on the side of lilac/violet
    then again the pic reminds me of juhi in the 90s.

  8. LOL someone thought her name is Aloo :D OH n y is no one commenting on how PATHETIC the pencil skirt look??? She looks like a secretary-gone-mad :D

  9. o god..@me.u made my day..i almost died laughin readin yr comment…imaginin u wonderin why is she called aloo..lolzzzzzz….n noramlly p n p put the name of the person below the pic n this time it was allo chattt…ooooo hooh ooo ..i cant stop laughin….

  10. 1. ill fitted and short pants and bad hair
    2. random skirt and unnecessary sharf, bad hair
    3. prom queen style, dated jewellery, silly prom dress, bad hair
    4. Oversized jacket, bad makeup, dated hair.

    pink is hardly the problem, methinks

  11. I think she looks really gorgeous and fresh faced in the first picture. The shirt is nice, and could have worked well with jeans. I dont mind the jacket either.

    The other pictures are, um, quite (as someone said) waste of such a pretty face. She should probably tone down her make-up, update her accessories, and hire a better stylist!


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