A Possible Front-Runner?

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At Toonpur Ka Superhero Launch

At a function in Ambegaon

The year has just started and Kajol is zero for two already. She showed up at two events dressed in just ghastly outfits. I think we might have a front-runner for this year’s worst dressed already!

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  1. oh please, leave these old-time actresses be. I am glad that they put their money elsewhere rather than hollywood-aping brand-worshiping.

    Here she might not look her best, but she used to inspire little school girls to have more of a personality than fake eyelashes and makeup.

  2. guys – when was kajol ever known for her dress sense!! leave her be!this is the same actor who was wearing glasses and a casual salwaar kameez at a filmfare awards ceremony years back! and mind you she went up on stage to get the award that year! i think it was for k3g!

  3. I love Kajol but she really needs a GOOD stylist. c’mon these actresses make so much money and they CAN’T afford a stylist?? or they just don’t WANT to. such boring outfits really make her look blah!!

    She may not have a perfect svelte body but so what! she should think outside the box and take risks.

  4. honestly, knowing how she is…she really doesnt care!! oh she can definitely afford a stylist! but i u have followed herr since she came into the industry till now …she simply doesnt care!
    and yeah about giving celebs a break! trust me …its not easy to be one!

  5. it’s kajol, she doesn’t get caught up in such superficialities…
    that is what most girls love about her, she’s so bloody confident!

    she’s just awesome.


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