The Round Up

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On popular demand, here’s the first installment of (some) pictures from the recently concluded Delhi Couture Week. What do y’all think? The sensory overload has us dazed.

The lack of freshness, quiet luxury and understated opulence was hard to miss. Some pretty pieces now-and-then but mostly underwhelming, no?


Abu Jani And Sandeep Khosla, Delhi Couture Week 2010


Manav Gangwani, Delhi Couture Week 2010


Rakesh Agarvwal, Delhi Couture Week 2010

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I love Diandra, but this is puke-worthy. Agree with P&P, Couture Week lacked freshness as always. I don’t see this pseudo wedding collection obsession Indian designers have to flaunt in such an extravagant manner. OTT fashion can be done in other ways too, if they’d only try, even though they may have a huge market in the Bridal-wear department.

  2. some may make money by selling to celebrities, but the they make money at all or just wasting money making these horrendous pieces? who are they kidding? it’s a joke seriously. there are like less than 5 designers from india who have something happening. i had already stopped commenting, but couldn’t help it. wish u wouldn’t post them..cause nothing nice comes to mind. except for the people who spent hours embroidering and embellishing the fabrics. i become angry and then helpless.

  3. All you people above are so naive.ramp creations have to be need to create that drama on the ramp to be prominent.nd if toy look closely every outfit is simple.its just styled in a manner its looking ott.minus the ott skirt and replaced with simple straight pants same coat becomes sane and normal.isn’t it? It is couture week.lot of thot process and countless hours goes behind any creation.


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