A Hard Nut To Crack…

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Seen below, Hard Kaur in her two avatars! Now, why can’t people be consistent with their style choices?!!? Its not that the look on the left (below) is anything spectacular, but compared to the monstrosity on the right… :)

Left: At Fashion Designer Kanwaljit Kaur’s Party
Right: At Ayesha Jhulka’s Spa/Salon Launch

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  1. Disaster in a capital D. Why can’t people dress according to their body type? She is definitely on the plump side, so why go for anything that will reveal that your shape (or your lack of one)?

  2. She has maintained a rebel image and always want to display a unique style….rather disaster style….she needs to be toned down in her makeup, hair and constumes.

  3. y’know, i thought i had alot to say about the dress on the left, but then that was till my eye caught the atrocity on the right. fashion eccentricity is all good as far as creativity is concerned, but i see no creative inspiration here, from any angle whatsoever.

  4. rebellious or not, she is a disaster. That amma hairstyle, bad bod (no kamar – just kamra). i hope she is good at what she does, becos she aint got it otherwise.

  5. […] Kaur sure likes to keep people guessing (and its not the first time either) about her ’style’ choices… First, she gave us two really downright-downer […]


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